C’est l’Euro ! C’est les books qui vont être contents…

There you go, the Euro Football 2020 (yes, yes) has just started and an air of sweet madness is slowly taking hold of football fans. Yippee, international matches every day! Goals galore, bets galore!

But in the end, we know, it’s not the « festive » bettors who are going to rub their hands…

The bookmakers are ready for the Euro

Book offers are flourishing and it smells like summer. Between grilled meats and rosé wine, we offer you incredible « freebets » without laughing, such as that of Betclic which offers to place 80 bets at a minimum of €5 (minimum odds = 1.5) during the competition to have €80 in freebets…

That is at least €400 to place to receive €80 in free bets. Which is not equivalent to 80 € ringing and stumbling. If you have any doubts on the matter, do not hesitate to read the first article published on Parieur Gagnant => Book bonuses, these bettor traps .

So how do you position yourself in the face of this plethoric offer? How can the reasoned bettor keep a cool head when he is offered to enter an incredible candy store?

Tips between friends or fun bets?

Two schools here:

  • The groups of bettors who, like me, know that the Euro will undoubtedly be the one of the good moves… for the bookmakers. So I’m going to stay on the lookout for good moves here and there, but I won’t bet every day, nor on every match (fortunately…). I will favor predictions between friends, without spending a penny, which will still allow me to vibrate a little.
  • And then there are the party bettors who will spend their entire bankrolls on a hard-to-bet competition, using high odds, nutty freebets and exotic bets (will that thing score a header? at 30, man!)

Of course, the truth should be somewhere in between, because a competition like the Euro remains a great event and you also have to take advantage of these joyful moments, especially after these long months of confinement and economic scarcity. .

However, I warn you: few bettors will finish Euro 2020 with a real profit.

« On to the show »

Euro 2020, like the World Cup and other international competitions, is a bit like the late Coupe de la Ligue or the Coupe de France, especially from the final stages: it’s very difficult to bet on results when the matches are knockout, and it is even more difficult to bet on teams which, for some, have seen very little of their 11 played together (a few matches for some).

In short, the Euro is a show, a part of the pleasure that you have to experience in the stadium or in front of your TV, but it’s not the right time to look for certainties, to put systems in place and again less to test the services of a tipster.

This kind of ephemeral competition is therefore not good training and even less a means of making ends meet: on the contrary, it is the symbol of all the risks associated with sports betting: lack of discernment, lack of hindsight linked to his own enthusiasm to support (Allez les Bleus!), desire to get rich quickly thanks to the big odds and the « promos » of the books…

Betting friends, rest easy: live your Euro without betting too much, and it will already be… a few euros won.

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